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Building strong relationships is 的 cornerstone of our success. At 澳博官方网站app, we place particular value in our supplier partnerships. Thanks to 的 help of a diverse range of suppliers and advisors, we are able to serve our clients, 股东, communities and employees more efficiently. 


Our suppliers' products and services affect 的 quality of our own products and services. 像这样, we seek to work with those suppliers who provide 的 best combination of price, quality and capability to meet our needs.

General Supplier Information

We are committed to holding ourselves and our supplier community to 的 highest standards of business conduct and integrity. We have a zero tolerance policy for breaches of ethics and expect our suppliers to ad在这里 to 的 strict guidelines of our Supplier 行为准则 (which incorporates 的 澳博官方网站app Supplier Anti-Corruption Policy).

供应商 to 澳博官方网站app who have access to sensitive 澳博官方网站app data must generally meet our Minimum Control Requirements before 的y are able to work with us. 通常, once 澳博官方网站app decides to engage a supplier for goods and services, our Supplier Oversight Services team will perform a risk assessment of 的 Supplier. The risk assessment helps 澳博官方网站app analyze a supplier’s controls in connection with security, 可用性, vulnerabilities and system access (among o的r items).

Transaction Platform

The Ariba Network, which enables 澳博官方网站app and suppliers to transact electronically for purchase order issuance and invoice submission, is our preferred method of transacting with suppliers. 供应商 can obtain additional information including how to establish an Ariba Network ID (ANID) at http://www.ariba.com/ariba-network. Once 的 ANID is established and 的 supplier is invited to begin an engagement, 的 澳博官方网站app Supplier Enablement team will train 的 supplier on how to invoice 澳博官方网站app using Ariba.

To enhance 的 invoice and payment process, specifically for invoices not associated with a purchase order, 的 Supplier Central Digital 发票 platform is now available for invoices submitted to a U.K., U.S., Hong Kong, Australia, and/or Japan legal entity. 供应商 can submit invoices for goods and/or services that have not been pre-approved with a purchase order digitally to 澳博官方网站app through 的 Supplier Central Digital 发票 platform. Registration and access au的ntication is required before using 的 new platform. 点击 在这里 to view 的 registration and access steps in English or 在这里 to view 的 registration and access steps in Japanese. The global launch of 的 platform will continue throughout this year.


发票 的指导方针